Events / Our Services

Our range of services includes:

  • Fresh Juice and or Smoothie Bar on-site
  • Delivery of bottles made freshly the morning of your event.
  • Corporate events, Pop-Up Juice Bars for offices, Festivals and Markets

Pretty much anything, just ask! Everything we do can be tailored just for you, including branding, bespoke drinks and menu creation is included on any event.

Our standard on-site set up includes:

Gazebos for exterior use
Tables for serving, display and prep
Professional, top of the range juicers and blenders
Professional, experienced staff to create your drinks
Fresh Produce and premium grade protein supplements
Ice and coolers
Full range of recycled PET disposable bottles and cups

After we’ve agreed on the event all we need is the number of guests, a date and a time, and we’ll do the rest. 30 mins set up, 30 mins close down, that’s it.

Current Prices

400ml cup / bottle: £3
500ml cup / bottle: £4
1 litre bottle: £8
Bartender per hour: £15
Custom label: £0.50 per drink
Deliver: depending on your location

Minimum spend per event: £400. A deposit is required in advance of your event.


Juice Bay is built on the belief that healthy drinks can be nutritional, delicious and affordable. We only charge for what we make and always come prepared to make extra, sticking to exact budgets and still serving all customers if requested.

Markets & Festivals

Our stall has accompanied greatly markets mostly consisting of food traders, offering a diversity of choice to visitors. Our expansive menu is seasonal, we offer refreshing juice drinks served with ice during the summer, nutritious vegetable juices and soups, as well as zingy and gingery boosts for the colder months.

Current markets

July-August: Find us on Narroway Mare Street Market, 10.00-17.00 every Monday-Wednesday-Friday.